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16 OCTOBER 2020

FINO respects the environment, launching the new range of products GREEN LIFE!

Concern for the environment has become a global phenomenon. Every year, more and more people, companies, NGOs, as well as brands try to become more responsible with environmental issues and find proper solutions.

18 MARCH 2020

TIME Magazine interview

Interview with Kyriakos Sarantis, CEO of Sarantis Group, at TIME Magazine, in March 2020. Mr. Sarantis explained how the company has evolved from a local distributor into a multinational consumer products company boasting a continuously expanding geographical footprint and leading brands.

19 AUGUST 2020

Sarantis Group expands its portfolio with hand sanitizing products

Sarantis Group launches new hand sanitizing products Sarantis Group joins the efforts of limiting the spread of COVID-19 virus by expanding its portfolio with hand sanitizing products, with the first launch from its brand elmiplant, a hand sanitizer gel enriched with aloe vera.

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