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More than 100 garbage bags were collected from the north area of the capital city – an initiative by Sarantis Romania together with Let’s Do It Romania

8 APRIL 2022

Friday, 8th of April, under the guidance of Let’s Do It Romania organisation, over 30 employees of Sarantis Romania joined forces and cleaned the green spaces in the northern part of the capital city. FINO provided volunteers with 100% recycled plastic bags and gloves, to ensure everything runs smoothly.

"Sarantis GO" is the concept that revealed the first edition of the event, in which plastic objects and other harmful materials to the environment were collected. In order to be efficient and to cover as wide an area as possible, the participants were grouped in teams and the undertaking took place in the form of a collegiate competition, which was also awarded.

There is a close connection between the amount of waste generated and the consumption and production habits of the population, according to the European Environment Agency, in an article published on their website. The high number of products entering the market along with demographic changes, such as an increase of the number of single-person households, are the main challenges affecting the amount of waste generated.

The volume is huge, and the waste dumped in the wild poses a threat to the health of humans and animals alike but also the environment. Both nationally and globally efforts are being made to combat the plastic pollution crisis, a phenomenon that is growing and seems to be unstoppable.

"Fino brand is the leader in the categories of household waste management, solutions for food protection, storage and household cleaning. We owe this honourable position to our customers and the communities they belong to and we therefore hope that today's action, what we consider a normal action is a token of our appreciation for putting their trust in us and contribute to caring for the environment. Thus, for the first edition of the waste collection event, we gathered over 30 colleagues that volunteered and enjoyed the time spent together outside the offices, which seemed like a different kind of team building. We aim to get actively involved and organise more similar campaigns, showing that change starts with each one of us.”, said Gabriel Băloiu, General Manager Sarantis Romania.

The simple participation in this project symbolises a step forward towards active change for a cause that really matters. The general cause promotes values such as: more recycling, less landfills, cleaner nature and better air to breathe. All this, along with perseverance and further similar initiatives promoted by Sarantis, will gradually inspire others and will hopefully lead to an increased quality of life.


A study by the European Environment Agency shows that around 10% of all waste generated in Europe is municipal waste, which comes mainly from households and, to a lesser extent, from small and medium-sized enterprises, public buildings, such as schools and hospitals.

Green Peace Romania organisation shows, in an article published on, estimates of the World Bank, according to which the amount of waste generated globally will increase from 2010 tons to 3400 million tons by 2050.

SARANTIS ROMANIA was established in 1996. The company's activities include the distribution of its own products, Personal Care Products and Household Products, as well as brands of international companies in the consumer goods industry, through strategic partnerships. Part of the Sarantis Group, the company shares the same philosophy in the way it operates. The purpose of Sarantis Romania is to fulfil its mission, while adopting socially responsible practices and environmentally friendly production methods. FINO, a brand from Sarantis Romania's portfolio, has already joined the global recycling trend, with Fino Tytan Flex household bags being made of 100% recycled plastic. The whole range is translated by durability, elasticity and quality, the three layers of the household bags, preventing them from breaking.


More than 100 garbage bags were collected from the north area of the capital city – an initiative by Sarantis Romania together with Let’s Do It Romania (272.5KB)

Sarantis Group, through its subsidiary Sarantis Romania, and FINO support “Let’s Do it Romania”, the biggest environmental initiative in Romania

Sarantis Group, through its subsidiary in Romania, actively participated with FINO, one of the Group’s most popular home care brands, for yet another year, at the “Let’s Do It Romania” initiative.  This year, the World CleanUp Day, engaged more than 160,000 volunteers who collected approximately 1,320,000 kg of waste.
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