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Sarantis Group expands its portfolio with hand sanitizing products

19 AUGUST 2020

Sarantis Group launches new hand sanitizing products

Sarantis Group joins the efforts of limiting the spread of COVID-19 virus by expanding its portfolio with hand sanitizing products, with the first launch from its brand elmiplant, a hand sanitizer gel enriched with aloe vera.

This launch is just the first step of a bigger project, that will include more products with antibacterial efficacy, like soaps and hand gels.

Cleaning formula with no soap and water

Good hand hygiene is really important anytime, but during these hard times, when facing a pandemic, keeping our hands clean as often as we can is essential for our health.

Hand sanitizer gels are easy to use and take on the go and also a great alternative if there is no other option available for washing hands.

elmiplant hand sanitizer gel has an effective formula that properly cleans the skin and removes dirt without water and soap. The skin is refreshed and free of harmful germs and bacteria. It can be taken wherever you go and it’s perfect for cleaning hands quickly.

It also has a moisturizing effect, suitable even for sensitive skin, that prevents dryness, itching and protects the skin’s natural barrier.

Enriched with Aloe Vera

The new elmiplant hand sanitizer gel is available both at 80 ml and 500 ml and has a formula enriched with Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera contains natural moisturizers that help retain moisture on dry and rough skin and can be safely used without irritating hands. Just like all the other products of the brand, elmiplant hand sanitizer gel focuses on natural ingredients that protect the skin and the environment.

Constant hand sanitization is beneficial for virus prevention, requires little time and effort and acts quickly to perfectly clean the skin.

elmiplant has always promoted natural ingredients with sustainable products, so it came just as natural to develop a product that came to fulfill the current needs of their consumers.


Sarantis Group expands its portfolio with hand sanitizing products (250.4KB)

Sarantis Group, through its subsidiary Sarantis Romania, and FINO support “Let’s Do it Romania”, the biggest environmental initiative in Romania

Sarantis Group, through its subsidiary in Romania, actively participated with FINO, one of the Group’s most popular home care brands, for yet another year, at the “Let’s Do It Romania” initiative.  This year, the World CleanUp Day, engaged more than 160,000 volunteers who collected approximately 1,320,000 kg of waste.
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